cameraRound Top Antique Fair

We are located close to this great event. Make reservations now because there is simply no other show like it in Texas. Click here for details.



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Of course we think the farm is great but our guests tell our story best!


What a wonderful place to relax and catch up with friends!  We really enjoyed our three-night stay at Stonebrook.  Thank you also for your hospitality….   Susan T, Dallas, May, 07


We thoroughly enjoyed the time here.  The evenings on the porch were so relaxing. …with the exception of our “resident”  mockingbird, it was such a  quiet, restful  weekend!  We are planning an outing in the future for the Round Top Antique Fair and will take you up on the offer to be our ‘guide.’   Susan J, Dallas, May 07.


I could have stayed on your porch and just talked.  We look forward to our future visit.  Ah…we don’t remember asking for a 7:30am wake-up call from your resident guineas, but one came all the way up the steps to do so….ah…country life!!!    Kyra, Dallas, May 07


Thank you for a peaceful place in the midst of a stressful time.  Your hospitality was greatly appreciated.  We loved the dogs, mules, and cookies!      Gary,  Kerri , Austin,   April, 08


Possum & Turtle,    We had a wonderful time antiquing…our first time here…and a memorable one at that.  We loved the Warrenton “prom’…looking forward to coming back.  The accommodations were absolutely perfect.  Thank you both.    Janil, California, Oct, 08


Thanks for the 5-star accommodations.  Had a wonderful time and can’t wait to come visit you again…next show.    Pam,  Farmersville, Oct 09


Turtle and Possum, thank you so much for an amazing stay!  We completely enjoyed our first trip to the big antique show!  We’re ready to come back in March!  Loved the great conversation on the big porch…thanks again.    Kristy,  Dallas  Oct, ‘09


Thank you so much for your warm hospitality.  Your farm is so peaceful and a great place to relax.  Turtle, thanks for allowing me to join you for the morning walks.  And, Possum, thanks for the hiking adventure.  You both made my birthday weekend with my girls an event which I will always treasure.  Hopefully, we will be back soon.
Charlotte, Needville, April , '10